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About Us

Short Story about conception of Biopay Token

The conception of Biopay Token is a story of innovation and dedication to sustainability. It began with the vision of Swiss Biotech Innovations LTD, driven by the desire to merge the worlds of digital currency and environmental responsibility. Recognizing the impact of traditional financial systems on the planet, the team sought to create a cryptocurrency that not only offers financial benefits but also supports Eco-friendly initiatives. This led to the birth of Biopay Token, a solution marrying financial technology with a commitment to preserving the Earth, marking a new chapter in sustainable digital finance.

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Featuers of Biopay Token

Features of Biopay Token

Biopay Token: Sustainable, Secure, Accessible

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Eco-friendly Approach

Emphasizes sustainable practices in the digital currency space.

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Secure Transactions

Utilizes blockchain technology for secure, transparent dealings

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Wide Accessibility

Designed for easy use and accessibility to a broad audience

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Innovative Technology

Incorporates cutting-edge tech for efficiency and reliability

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Community Involvement

Encourages active participation and decision-making within its community

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Versatile Use Cases

Suitable for various applications, aligning with environmental goals

The Timeline

Stratagy & Roadmap

The prognosis of Biopay Ecosystem


Pre-Sale Session

Biopay Token pre-sale session will begin on 11th December, 2023 and will end at 20th December, 2023. 100 Million Tokens will be allotted to pre-sale session. The token price will be 10,000 BPYT for 1 BNB.

December 2023


Crowdsale Session

Biopay Token crowd sale sessions will begin on 25th December, 2023 and will end at 25th February, 2024. 2 Sessions will be conducted with 100 million tokens in first session and 300 million tokens in second session. In total 400 Million Tokens will be allotted to crowd sale session. The token price will be updated on 25th December, 2023.

December 2023


Exchange Listings

Official listing on exchanges will begin from 15 March 2024. Liquidity will be added by Swiss Biotech Innovations LTD and BPYT Token will be officially ready for trade with pairs in BNB & USDT.

March 2024


Mobile Apps

Mobile apps with Biopay Ecosystem platform will be released on both Android & IOS platforms in the month of May, 2024.

May 2024


Biopay Ecosystem

Biopay Eco system will launch officially on 1 August, 2024 with all the features listed in whitepaper.

August 2024


Biopay Token Distribution Strategy

Token Information

Token Name = BioPayToken

Token Symbol = BPYT

Phase - Price

Stage of Phase = Not Available

Price = N/A USD (1 BPYT = N/A USD)

Token Date-Time

Start Date = N/A

End Date = N/A

Limit Per Transaction

Min Amount = N/A

Max Amount = N/A

Soft Cap & Hard Cap

Soft Cap = N/A

Hard Cap = N/A


Total Token = N/A

Raised Token = N/A

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